Techno or Hi-Tech is one of the most thought out, rational, functional and modern styles in the kitchen design.

Nowadays, during the era of technological advancement Hi-Tech style gains maximum popularity, although it roots back to the middle of the past century.

Let’s see what they right way of decorating your kitchen in such a
n unusual style.


Hi-Tech kitchens

You will not find a lot of décor elements made from natural materials, carvings, stucco work or artistic forging on a Hi-Tech kitchen.

Each element of the kitchen seems to be an indispensable part of a single piece construction creating wonderful unity.

Here everything is thought out to the last detail and equipped to the latest fashion.

So what is so famous about Hi-Tech kitchens?

Firstly, it is famous for abundance of modern technological devices, which significantly facilitate housework.

We should also make a point on laconicism and minimalism – there is nothing in excess and kitchen geometry is dominated by straight or diagonal lines; we see minimum of décor and maximum of free space.


Materials are mainly artificial, especially metal and glass are the most popular choice.

Colour design is mostly created by metal and glass, which are complemented by only one additional bright or pastel colour.


For the admirers of technology connected and contemporary design there is another style called modern.

To round up the article let’s have a couple of words devoted to ergonomics.

While planning the kitchen and dividing it into functional areas ergonomics plays a very important part.

Everything is thought out to details whether it is optimum distance to control elements or location of kitchen appliances.

It is all designed to save your time and to make the process of cooking more comfortable.

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Hi-Tech kitchens, photos

Having browsed through the photos of Hi-Tech kitchens, you may notice that this style is suitable first of all to the highly organized, pedantic and strict people who love and value simplicity, functionality and order in everything.

Hi-Tech is totally opposite to the classic styles and creates a peculiar cosiness without excessive details, which many seem to find cold.
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Lighting in Hi-Tech style cannot be mistaken for any other style – wide windows, abundance of spotlights, splitting and local lighting of separate functional areas.

Moreover, lighting can be installed in places no one expects to see the spotlight in, such as on the floor, in mixer taps, curtains, far corners of the kitchen furniture.

This style approves of such experiments and technical advancement encourages them.



Modern style is quite close to Hi-Tech.

Why so? It is easily understandable. We live in the era of technology advancement, active way of life and technology touch in the kitchen just harmoniously adds to it all.

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Modern style, just as Hi-Tech, easily gets rid of classic decoration clutter.

Minimum of decorations, finishing and trifles; clean lines instead of carved reliefs; plain curtains instead of heavy ones; efficient rich technical equipping; hidden lighting and spotlights instead of bulky chandeliers.

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Colour solution presupposes no severe limitations – you may decorate your kitchen in black and white as well as choose bright yellow hues.

There are no restrictions as pertaining to the choice of materials either: wood, plastic, metal, glazed tiles, glass, glossy surfaces – you can choose any of these and use them under the guidance of a designer.

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This style is good for both big and compact kitchens.

Good way of visually broadening the space of a small kitchen is to emphasize one of the interior elements.

On the photo you may see the variants of designer decoration of a modern kitchen.

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