Handleless cupboards in the kitchen: advantages and disadvantages

  • Invisible handles

Perhaps, it will be not be so easy for you to imagine and accept the fact that the kitchen might be deprived of the usual decorative elements, such as door handles, but still, there is a great desire to improve the look of furniture and make it more modern and practical. In this case you should use handles that look as if they merge with the facade surface, because they are made of the same material, or in the same color.

Another equally original version of the handles masking is special grooves on the edges of the facades. They are imperceptible, do not "split up" the surface of the furniture doors and the kitchen looks more stylish

Disadvantage:  manufacturing of such facades costs a fortune, respectively, the price of the products is high.

  • Push-to-open

The hidden mechanism that allows opening the doors or the drawer by a slight pressure has become very popular lately. Such a wonder is originally a German invention called Push to open. Under the action of soft push, the door opens up to a certain level smoothly and inaudibly, and the special closers will help to close it.

Disadvantages: the constant touching of the surface of the facades will most likely leave spots and stains on them. At the same time, it is much easier to clean them than the traditional mould handles.

Interesting to know:

Everyone is familiar with the German scrupulousness in matters of quality of inventions, mechanisms, materials and so on. German developers treat both large-scale projects and the improvement of technical innovations and various home appliances with the same care and diligence.

The push-to-open mechanism is equipped with a special electric drive, allowing smooth opening of the door of furniture to the end, to recognize the objects hindering the closing, and is also capable of easy closing of the cupboards and drawers

Advantages of the handleless furniture

  • Modern appearance

Handleless furniture looks extremely relevant, light and aesthetically pleasing, as there is nothing in excess to prevent the view from sliding through the surface of the facades. Laconism and absence of excess parts are more popular today than the classic abundance of decorative accessories, besides, minimalistic design of the kitchen can significantly save your time and energy.

The small handleless cabinets visually expand the space, especially if the color of the facades coincides with the walls

  • Convenience

In the kitchen, we often perform several tasks at once, and the doors with integrated opening mechanism will help to get to the content of any drawer or cupboard quickly and easily, just with a single tap of the hand, shoulder, knee or foot.

Moreover, if you have permanently bumped into the protruding handles previously, then it becomes a priori impossible with a sliding mechanism, and it will be quite difficult to get your fingers caught as well.

Thus, handleless kitchen furniture is a game changer in design that will stay here long enough for the ranks of such mechanisms fans to be replenished.