Advantages of glass tabletops

  • Aesthetics

It is possible to create a very stylish and unique image of the kitchen by mounting a working surface made of tempered glass, because you must admit that such an item will look very attractive here. A variety of shapes, colors and patterns, which are used in the manufacture of glass surfaces, deserve a special notice. They will be a real boon for the small premises, as the glass is able to make the interior visually lighter and larger. And you can order a shape that will be the most successful exactly for your kitchen.

It is noteworthy that the glass tabletops can be illuminated on the perimeter by the LED strip, then the kitchen will become really magical, because the light will be spread evenly, creating the effect of a flying table.

In addition, you can barely remain indifferent to the range of tabletops made of transparent, frosted, matted, colored glass, as well as to the models with printed pattern imitating natural stone. All this variety of decoration makes glass surfaces pertinent in any style of interior.

  • Durability and longevity

The working surface made of glass will not become erased or deformed after a long time, even if it is in constant use. A good thickness of the tabletops provides the ability to withstand the weight of an object falling from a height, namely from 5 to 20 mm, it is several layers of laminated glass and the tempered top one.

We can say with certainty that the glass worktops will serve you well, and, what is most important, for a long period of time, if used properly, by observing certain rules.


  • Hygiene and easy handling

Kitchen is a specific room, and it is necessary for the housewife to be ready for the different types of dirt. The kitchen possesses an increased humidity level and, hence, all the surfaces, especially the working ones, are exposed to the reproduction of bacteria and mold. But it is not about the glass tabletops, because, having a special non-porous texture, they will prevent harmful microorganisms from reproducing there.

Handling the glass surfaces is also very simple: they are cleaned by water with the addition of cream detergent, using a soft sponge.

Even if the dirt is old and cannot be removed by soft cleansing agents, it's not recommended to use the powders containing abrasive substances, as they can scratch the glass surface and spoil it.


  • Resistance to the high temperatures

The surface of the glass in the working area in the kitchen is a great and very practical option, because the temperature differences, boiling, splashes of the boiling water and fat are constant events here. The glass tabletop will not melt from the heat and will not absorb the excess moisture, losing its appearance, such as the wooden one.

This factor allows you to install the working surface either on all facades of the kitchen cupboards, or only in the cooking area.

  • Safety of the material

As it is known, thanks to the natural origin, glass is an environmentally friendly material that does not emit any harmful substances into the environment.

It should also be added that the product made of triplex (as an especially durable material) does not leave injuries on your skin, if it is broken, because it will only crumble into small cubes with no sharp edges.


Disadvantages of the glass tabletops

We have revealed the main advantages of the glass surfaces, but in order to help you to make the right choice, knowing what to expect from them, we should tell you about the features of glass as a material that has some significant drawbacks.

  • Fragility

Even the tempered glass, withstanding heavy loads, can sooner or later crack or form unsightly chips in the areas of mechanical damage, which are no longer to be corrected, and therefore you will have to replace the tabletop completely. The same thing could be repeated over and over again, and therefore, we recommend you to think about whether you are willing to lavish money from the family budget for the sake of aesthetics.

  • "Coolness" of the interior

Yes, glass looks solidly and elegantly in the interior, it demonstrates good taste and abundance of the house owners. However, it can also create an atmosphere of alienation and a certain stiffness, which can hardly make your room seem cozy and inviting.

The situation can be saved, however, by complementing the interior by items made of other natural materials, for example, by putting the wooden chairs, upholstered in a soft cloth, or choosing the natural texture of the wooden furniture.

  • Creaking and other unpleasant sounds

While being in constant use, the glass worktops will inevitably produce some sharp and echoing sounds due to the contact with the dishes, cutlery and other kitchen utensils.

However, you can always use a special pads, napkins and potholders that will muffle the sounds.

  • Influence of acids, abrasives, and the need for frequent cleaning

All the traces of dirty dishes, water stains, and greasy fingerprints are perfectly visible on the glass, that is why the material requires constant attention to the care, and if you want the tabletops to look always neat, it is necessary to maintain a nearly perfect purity, which is quite difficult in the modern pace of life.

In addition, the glass surfaces are susceptible to the influence of certain acids, with which, in turn, we have to deal quite often in the kitchen area.

  • High price

Despite of all its disadvantages, the glass, as a material for the manufacture of the working surfaces and tabletops, is not cheap, as it is still incredibly popular in modern kitchen interiors. And if you are going to order a specific, exclusive model, be prepared to fork out significantly.