A glass shower bath screen performs a functional task of defending the bathroom from water while taking a shower, and thanks to modern fittings - folding glass door for bathtub can become the interior adornment.

In addition, it is a good idea for a small bathroom, where there are no conditions to set a bath and shower at the same time. In this case, a glass shower bath screen makes it both possible.

The glass shower bath screens differ with variety of structural solutions and modern design. Quality modern accessories and safety glass are used for their installation - because a glass shower bath screen should be safe and easy to use.

A glass shower bath screen can be fixed with profile, hinges, or fasteners. A glass shower bath screen became very popular with these strong and secure fittings.

We offer to use fittings that would allow a glass shower bath screen be a real decoration of the interior and at the same time provide a large variety of design solutions.

A glass shower bath screen can be installed using various types of fasteners such as profile, hinges, and rods. A towel holder can be mounted on the glass. A glass shower bath screen can be made from a single sheet of glass and securely fixed to the wall or may consist of several leafs and how they are opened or folded is depending on the chosen design of the glass shower bath screen and fittings.

A glass shower bath screen - the design and installation

There are two types of glass shower bath screens - stationary (fixed) and hinged (folding glass shower bath screen). The combination of these two basic types allows finding a convenient solution based on the bathroom particularity, bathroom’s layout and the arrangement of a sanitary ware.

Fixed glass shower bath screen. The fixed glass shower bath screen is a glass, fixed to the wall and to the edge of the bath. For a comfortable showering it is enough to protect the 600-650 mm of space. Wall-glass corner fasteners are used to fix the glass. For additional fixation of the top external corner, a glass shower bath screen is fixed with a rod.

Folding glass shower bath screen. This design requires the mobility of a glass - opening, closing and folding. Hinges are used to connect sheet glass. This model of the folding glass shower bath screen allows folding the parts of shower partition into one of the walls and spreading out on the edge of a tub during a shower.

The glass shower bath screen is a combination of a fixed part fastened to the wall and a mobile glass element of the construction that could pull out while showering. Glass shower bath screen, which is a combination of mobile and fixed glass, is very easy to use. A glass bathtub door with its fixed part is mounted to the wall and the folding door is mounted on it. There is 180º glass-glass hinge used in such a construction that allows folding glass parts parallel to each other.

Hinges with a glass folding into the bath is very popular, as their use allows to produce the widest enclosure, and a sanitary ware or bathroom furniture does not prevent folding the door. A glass shower bath screen of this design typically has the same width of glass elements or fixed glass a little wider. The width of the moving part cannot be more than the width of the bath.

The glass shower bath screen - production materials

A glass shower bath screen is made of glass with thickness of 6 or 8 mm. The glass definitely must be hardened, its edge must be polished, and for an installation in the glass the corresponding fasteners holes are made, so a glass shower bath screen can be secured.

The color of the glass can be transparent, super transparent (the so-called Diamond), tinted, frosted or with sandblasted pattern. Note when you select any non-transparent glass it will shrink the room visually.

A glass shower bath screen is not deforming and doesn’t become turbid with time unlike plastic. This is the advantage of glass as a production material for the glass shower bath screens.

Fittings for the glass shower bath screens

Depending on the size and model, a glass shower bath screen may be constructed using different fittings.

During manufacturing a glass shower bath screen are sealed along the edges by special silicone profiles to eliminate the possibility of water flowing through the junctions of glass parts.

A glass shower bath screen can be additionally equipped with towel holder. Possible finishes of accessories are - chrome, satin, stainless steel. All fittings have a moisture resistant coating and are designed for functioning in wet areas.