Fusion is the style of “crazy” things, extravagant combination of what cannot be combined.

This style allows use of non-standard ethnic ornaments, structured finish materials, exotic items, which will be in perfect harmony with the European classics.

Colour range and lighting

Bright and fresh shades are dominant in colour range.

Shades can be combined with each other, however, as in any matter you must keep to the golden side.

For instance, light shaded kitchen suite with chrome-plated household appliances will be an excellent designer solution.


Lighting in the fusion style should be intensive and should emphasize certain areas of the room.
Use of luminaires of different shape and structure would make an ingenious solution.

Walls, ceiling, floor

Mainly fusion is a combination of several simpler styles.

It presupposes combination of bare plastered wall, concrete floors (loft) with wooden ceiling (chalet).

Striped or checked pattern in the fusion style interior wonderfully matches ethnic ornaments.


Curtains in the given style is the lightest décor element as they leave the designers with freedom of choice or creative approach to their making.

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that fusion style curtains may combine only up to three other style trends.

Furniture, household appliances

Furniture may strike your impression with its variety.

Multi-coloured plastic chairs would look fabulous on the background of antique table made from openwork cast-iron.

Modern household appliances would excellently contrast with an antique kitchen chest of drawers.

Finish materials may also give contrast combinations, for instance, glass combines with wood, natural materials with artificial ones.

The main tasks at decorating the room in fusion interior style are:

  • correct match of colour range, material and structure of this or other furniture item;
  • similarity of style attributes
  • combination of elements from different styles in accordance with an overall interior theme
  • even distribution of all the details and elements in the work area of the kitchen
  • furnishing of fusion style kitchen should be maximally simple and light.

Very often fusion style kitchen have visual or conventional zones, that is dining area gradually transfers into functional kitchen area. Coloured household appliances are the obligatory attribute of the kitchen in fusion style.

Fusion is a slight bohemian mess.