Your kitchen design must clearly have a balance, including the quality of materials, ergonomic shapes and the visual perception of the whole. We offer you, dear readers, to take a look now at proper focal points for kitchen interiors, without which you can still create a beautiful image, but it is most unlikely to be complete.

The main emphasis in focus

  • Gifts of Nature

Natural, correctly processed materials have always attracted attention when creating interiors for different rooms. We recommended that you are armed with this knowledge when you create a kitchen space and, for example, install a dining table in it made of solid wood, or an island with a wooden worktop. Note that the simpler its form is, the more organic will be the look of such a wooden item.


  • Modern counters

It’s very much worth reminding you again about the appropriateness of original facing in the area of a protective counter, because this method is definitely one of the most effective in terms of focus.

If you are not frightened by the prospect of creating a gaudy interior, choose materials with a bold texture: mirror tiles or mosaics, marble, metal and inlays


  • Gaudy lighting

The amount of light in a kitchen should be enough to feel comfortable both during cooking and when food is served at the dinner table. Consequently, a lamp in the centre of the ceiling is clearly not going to be  enough, and so you need to take some time to think about the installation of additional lighting sources. Let them, at the same time, be varied: at several points around  the perimeter of the space and in the working area in the form of a hanging fitting near the dining area or lighting mounted above it. Experiment with the shape and style of lighting, using light fittings with a lot of light bulbs or with a single, but larger size.


  • Accented walls

When the interior of the kitchen has furniture with succinct facades in a neutral colour, you should think about what you can use as an accent for embossed walls or even the ceiling. For this purpose, you can use decorative brick, stone or tile masonry facings, wall panels with optical effects, or wallpaper with dense geometric or floral patterns.


  • Colourful furniture

It’s very interesting to look at a kitchen interior with a furniture item in a colour contrasting with the rest. For example, against a background of white or light-grey facades, a detached counter, crockery display cabinet or kitchen island in saturated spectral colours such as scarlet, grass, yellow or cobalt, can look terrific.


  • Techno Trends

Often, large kitchen appliances are a natural extension of kitchen furniture, especially when they’re built-in. But you can also use one or a couple of large appliances as accents, for example, if you install a bright refrigerator or hob.


  • Stylish Accessories

We do not often think about unusual accessories for our kitchen design, however, they are able to compensate for any excessive austerity and restraint in our use of colour schemes.

We strongly recommend that kitchens are decorated  with large-scale murals, paintings, mirrors and other bulky wall accessories, without which the room can get boring and monotonous.