It is quite difficult but not impossible to create beautiful design of a very small kitchen.

When you read our article you will learn how to turn disadvantages of a small kitchen into its advantages.

First, let is look into the basis. Interior design is a branch of design intended for creating in the house the following:

  • Comfort;
  • Harmony;
  • Cosiness;
  • Aesthetic pleasant interaction between people and environment.

We shall take this definition of beauty in small kitchen design as the main statement and shall keep it in mind to make the kitchen comfortable, cosy, pleasant and harmonious.

What makes a kitchen comfortable

Comfort lies in such a room planning that makes cooking process comfortable and safe.

It is wonderful if there is possibility of using modern technology and its components. Special attention should be paid to the following issues:

  1. The entrance. Check if the door opens in a comfortable way. If not, check if there is a possibility of making it in a more suitable place while you are making the renovation of the room.
  2. Adjacent rooms (partition walls). Check if you can enlarge the kitchen space at their expense.
  3. A table. This is a big problem at any small kitchen. Think if you really need it. What if you could replace it with, say, bar counter?
  4. The windowsill. See if you can make a dining or working area at its place.
  5. Big and small household appliances. You need to decide on location of the fridge, TV set (if you plan to have it the kitchen), microwave oven and think how often you will need those appliances. For example, think if you truly need all the four stove burners. What if you excellently do with the two of them? What volume of the fridge would you need?

How to make your kitchen cosy

Cosiness is created by the rational match of textile and accessories. Fill your kitchen with sunlight and help it sparkle with bright colours!

It is important not to overdo things and restrict yourself to several bright spots while decorating your kitchen.


The main thing is to create harmony on the small area of the kitchen. For this you will need to find correct colours and take into account natural lighting.

This is the main thing for the small kitchen!


Tablecloth and kitchen curtains

Cloth chosen with big taste would always delight the eye and raise the spirit. When choosing suitable curtains and tablecloth keep in mind overall style and colour range of the interior.

Pay attention to tissue quality they are made from: such a tissue should be easy to take care of.


Choose pleasant trifles

Nowadays there is a huge number of various ingenious items of kitchen ware. They can be used as a part of kitchen decoration.

For instance, coloured ladle, ingenious pizza cutter or unusually shaped funny cups can add to the kitchen décor.

You may buy interesting clock, various fridge magnets, beautiful napkins. If there is free space, place there potted plants.

Handmade things will add a special charm to the kitchen:

  • beautiful apron, set of towels and oven mittens, chair covers and cushions;
  • interesting hot pads;
  • bouquets of dried leaves and ash berries (aromatics)
  • wall panel made from seeds
  • tea cosy
  • cup covers

Reaching harmony at the small kitchen

Harmony is reached by correct combination of colours of interior and proportion of all the details. You should consider impact of each colour on your emotions.

For instance, some people are irritated by violet and get positive while looking at red whereas the others can burst with anger at being surrounded by reds.

That is why you need to choose colour range according to your feelings and preferences.

You also need to take into account that a small kitchen demands visual space enlarging. You can easily reach it if you comply with one of these recommendations during renovation:

  1. Use of light shades and white colour, chrome-coated surfaces and mirror elements;
  2. Correct colour combination. For instance, if upper and lower elements of the kitchen unit are of different contrasting colours, the kitchen will become visually wider in horizontal direction;
  3. Use of mirrors. Mirror surface makes semblance of additional lighting. Mirrors are a very untypical presence at the kitchen but you can use them in correct and elaborate way.
  4. Diagonal floor tiling (it make the kitchen look wider).

Watch the video to see how a small kitchen can be beautifully decorated

Small area does not allow:

  • Use of bright and warm colours of decoration. They visually eat up space that is small as it is. Lack of brightness can be compensated with additional accessories.
  • Dark colour of the majority of kitchen furniture items. Better leave the dark colours to the emphasizing items such as curtain holder, countertop border, etc.
  • Blocking of light source (window) by the kitchen furniture or the fridge.

Small kitchen for amiable communication

Each family, having gathered at the kitchen table, spends time for not only eating but communicating as well. However, small kitchen does not leave much space for spending time nicely. Wherever you put the table, it will get in the way.

That is why while choosing the optimal solution you need to decide on making a dining area in the living room. Think, whether the table will be used for everyday meals as well as for holiday family gathering, what number of people will seat at it and how often, and whether you need a big table at the kitchen at all.

Actually, you may organise a dining area at any room of the house. Here are some photo ideas for the interior of small kitchens:

If you absolutely need a kitchen table, you may use the following ideas:

  1. Folding table. It will be good for the smallest of kitchens where a family table simply will not fit in.
  2. Family dinners may be held in the living room. The variant on the photo is suitable if you don’t want to take up a lot of space.
  1. Trolley kitchen tables. They will be excellent for those who love changes in life. Its location can be changed easily and you can place it either next to the wall, by the window or in the centre of the room.
  2. When uniting the kitchen with other rooms, you may install a high bar counter with chairs on the place where the partition wall once was.

It may serve as both dinner and work area.

Not it is time to think of a windowsill.

It is a good idea to make a windowsill of the same material as countertop of the kitchen unit.

Windowsill-countertop may be used as a work area as well. You may have a dinner table instead of the windowsill.5-55514

3 more ideas of small kitchen decoration

  • Upper part of the wall may host a lot of cabinets and shelves. This will be the perfect place for things used from time to time.
  • One of the beautiful decoration ideas is a wall mural with a landscape view for free part of the wall. This solution will eliminate enclosure of the room and add to its cosiness.
  • When making a renovation, look for new materials for the finish of the kitchen. Some kinds of 3D panels are a practical material, moreover, they visually enlarge the space.

We do hope that these ideas for renovation of your small kitchen were useful for creation of interesting and beautiful interior design.

Here are some more photos of beautiful small kitchens.


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