Some little things can, even at a first glance, radically transform an interior, for example, by adding an ironic note or a touch of elegance. Such things can include all kinds of various small fittings, which become keynote accessories: handles, hooks, grabhandles, holders, doorstops and many other things, without which any interior cannot manage.

We offer you now an overview of the more unusual home fittings and accessories that we have come across, in the hope that many of you will be inspired by sometimes bold experiments regarding  decorating interiors of  bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, or child's rooms.

Unconventional accessories for home

  • Door handles

The appearance of this particular fitting has long gone beyond that of simple and ordinary, so you can think about the door handles with most incredible designs found at the entrance to restaurants, hotels, apartment blocks, houses or just rooms.

In search of a suitable specimen, you can spend a long time shopping at specialized hardware stores, but they can surprise you with a remarkable variety of door handles and leave you undecided about what choice to make.

Elaborate shapes for flashy door handles are more suitable for massive entrance doors, and for your interior we recommend that you pick lighter, more streamlined shapes with a smooth silhouette.






  • Doorstops

Today, not all that many people really appreciate doorstops and how much they are needed for your interior. Thus, a doorstop is a key object that prevents damage to the adjoining walls from contact with the door itself, and also prevents the door from opening too wide. These doorstops or springs come in various shapes, designs, sizes and colours, and they can be made of rubber, cork, wood or plastic.

  • Hooks and hangers

Designed for hanging garments, hats, umbrellas and other such items,hooks need to be made of durable materials that should cope with the load put on them. They can be coloured hooks and metal hangers, even hangers in an eco-style in wood or plywood, but we personally especially like more interesting hangers made of polycarbonate in the form of hands, heads, animals and other fun shapes.





  • Furniture handles

Handles for cabinets, drawers, bedside tables and chests of drawers cannot avoid being tidy and relatively unobtrusive, but instead of ordinary metal it’s best to choose transparent glass, ceramics, or even handles covered in leather that can look particularly unusual and have a pleasant texture.

Following the main aspects in the style of an interior, it is possible to maintain its overall image, using as suitable accessories handles that extend the overall mood of the room. For example, delicate tracery or transparent handles for the dressing table in a romantic bedroom, or fun, in the form of animals for furniture in a youngster’s room.





  • Doors knockers

During the Industrial Revolution and right up to the 1920s. in England and Ireland there was a separate profession known as a knocker-upper. It was to wake people up in the morning to go to work, for which they used batons, sticks or poles with which they knocked on the doors of the lower floors.

Later this strange custom gave birth to the production of specific accessories- doorknockers - with a ring or a hammer section by which visitors announced their arrival to their hosts.

Perhaps today doorknockers not only serve a function, but also they serve as a decorative ornament on the front door of a private house. Undoubtedly, the choice of these accessories is full of original copies reproduced exactly from durable metals, such as copper or iron.



  • Accessories for curtains

Specialized boutiques that sell fabrics for curtains and soft furnishings can offer you a wide variety of decorative accessories: tassels, curtain rings, decorative end-pieces for curtain rods, tidies and others.

We recommend that you  choose light, translucent accessories that will not stand out from the general theme of the interior, but subtly complement it.