orner shower enclosures should be chosen taking into account first of all the layout of the bathroom, its size, furniture and sanitary ware. Corner shower enclosure can be a good choice in the designing of small rooms or in the facilities with non-standard form and where it is impossible to build some other form of shower enclosure.

Usually corner shower enclosure assembled out of several sheets of glass and glass door. The angle of the glass fixing to the wall can be a standard - 90 ° or arbitrary.

Corner shower enclosures are easy to construct and mount with standard sets of fittings. Alternatively, fittings could be picked up individually.

Corner shower enclosures - design and assembly

Standard type of the corner shower enclosure consists of a fixed glass panel and a pivot glass door, which are adjacent to each other at an angle of 90 °. The door of a corner shower enclosure can open outside and inside or it may have a two-way opening.

Corner shower enclosure with two-way opening door is the most convenient option, but it provides a mounting with a pendulous hinge. The peculiarity of this mount is that there is no possibility to set a solid sealing profile under a pendulous hinge that reduces the degree of tightness of the corner shower enclosure and allows the possibility of a slight water leakage through the hinges.

Corner showers – what’s required for assembly

If the water tightness of a shower enclosure is important for you, you should choose corner shower enclosure doors with one-side opening because for the hinge with such characteristics you’ll find solid silicone sealing profile that eliminates water leakage.

Corner shower can be a hindrance for a free opening of the door in your bathroom project; it may be furniture or sanitary ware, which are located within a radius of the door opening. To solve this problem, your corner shower door should be opening inside the shower cabin. In this case, on the outer side of the door, you can place towel holder combined with a door handle and you can use a dry towel after a shower when opening the door of the corner shower.

Second type of the corner shower enclosures is constructions where the shower door attached to a fixed glass. Such a corner shower enclosure often has a rectangular shape. This design allows setting the sink or other sanitary ware next to a shower.

Corner shower enclosures in this case should be mounted to the stationary glass, which is in its turn secured to the wall with hinges taking into account the load of the fixed glass and door. This is easily done with the help of the mounting rod for a glass. The rod may be secured to the wall at the angle of 90 °, 45 ° degrees or at a different angle (but not less than 30 °).

Fittings sets for the corner showers