Nowadays there is a wide range of toilet seat lids on the market. They differ from each other in price, design as well as in their functionality. You have to choose the seat lid carefully not to change it every year. In this article we are going to talk about the kinds of toilet seat lids and peculiarities you will need to pay attention to while buying the product.


  • Materials toilet seat lids are manufactured from
  • Toilet seat lid with microlift
  • Child seat for the toilet
  • Other models of toilet seat lids
  • Things to pay attention to while buying toilet seat lid
  • Kinds of seat lids: pictures

Materials toilet seat lids are manufactured from

Material toilet seat lid is produced from defines its durability, aesthetic attributes and comfort in use. The most common materials used in manufacture of toilet seat lids are as follows:

  • plastics (PVC, PPR, polyethylene). They are cheap, light and easy to take care of, however, they have one big drawback of being a perishable material. Even with proper care cracks, scratches and stains appear on their surface with time.

Attention! Please, mind that with cracks on the surface such a seat lid is impossible to repair and it is easier to buy a new one.

  • one more budget variant is a padded toilet seat lid. It consists of a rigid frame covered with film and staffed with PU foam. Its advantage is its cheapness and comfortable use whereas disadvantage is that just as plastic lids they quickly wear out.


Toilet seat lid manufactured from duroplast

  • This is a kind of plastic close in its attributes to ceramics. It is resistant to impact of chemically active substances and mechanical damages. Many manufacturers add antibacterial substances to the composition, which makes use of such seats more hygienic. However, it makes the price of such seat lids higher than that of plastic ones.
  • Composite board, wood, MDF, chipboard. Such material has one big advantage of being durable. Products from chipboard cost much less than others but they look unpresentable in comparison with wooden seat lids, which are correspondingly more expensive. Besides, they are not very comfortable to sit on. Wooden toilet seat lids are very heavy and if they are abruptly dropped, they make loud noise and can damage the toilet bowl.
  • These toilet seat lids are more of a decorative element than the functional lid. It covers toilet seat. Such a seat is easy to wash and use.

Toilet seat with microlift

Toilet seat equipped with such a mechanism drops smoothly no matter how abruptly or forcefully you lift or shut the lid. Its advantages are:

  • Microlift principle lies in lid being held on stock, which at the moment of its rotation is hampered by a spring not allowing the lid to shut abruptly.


Toilet seat with microlift shuts very smoothly without noise

  • such a mechanism prolongs life period of the lid preventing cracks from appearing on the lid and toilet bowl enamel.
  • toilet seat with microlift is easily removed, washed and placed back again.

Its disadvantage is its higher price and impossibility of DIY repairs. You might disassemble this mechanism but you will find it hard to assemble it again. Any disruption of location of the mechanism parts will lead to system failure.

Attention! Do not forcefully push toilet seat lid with microlift as it will lead to mechanism failure, which you will be unable to repair on your own.

Child seat for the toilet

All the parents want their child to learn to use the toilet as soon as possible. However, a standard seat is of big size, which may result in child falling into the bowl. To avoid this, the special child seats were created. There are several kinds of them:

  • It reminds the adult seat in shape but is smaller in size. It may be installed on the standard seat or under it, however, the first option is more hygienic. Besides, there are models of standard toilet seat with tipping child seat.


Child seat for toilet bowl

  • It repeats the shape of a potty-chair and also has projections on the front and back providing additional safety. They are fixed to the toilet bowl with special lock pins allowing their installation to the toilet bowl of any shape and size. Usually such models are manufactured from anti-slippery rubber to provide comfort and safety for a child.
  • potty seat with step stool. It looks like a standard toilet seat fixed on support with steps. Such an accessory is the most comfortable for a child. Steps allow securing feet, they might be furnished with handles as well, which will allow children to perch on the seat on their own. Apart from this, such a model does not touch the toilet bowl, which makes it hygienic if someone does not clean their toilet bowl every day.
  • travel potty seat. It is furnished with lock pins and is regulated in diameter so you can attach it to the toilet bowl of any shape and size.


Potty seat with step stool

Other models of toilet seat lids

  1. ‘Smart’ toilet seat lid. It is equipped with special sensors sensitive to person’s presence. When you come to the toilet the led lifts and when you leave the lid shuts. The price of such models is much higher than that of their counterparts.
  2. Models with built-in bidet and electronic control. It functions as a standard seat but is equipped with a fountain for personal hygiene. Besides, such lids may have automatic water heating. The main advantage of this accessory is space saving at the cost of installing one piece of sanitary ware instead of two. The other one is possibility allowing you to regulate additional options by a control box.
  3. Heating seat. Such an option may be combined with several models, such as seat lid with microlift, bidet or standard plastic variants.


Toilet seat lid with bidet option

Things to pay attention to while buying toilet seat lid

  • Hardness of the seat. Padded seat is hardly the best option. It is comfortable to seat on, however, it will soon lose its shape and softness. Semi-hard variants soon sag, which is impossible to fix. So the best option is to buy hard seated models.
  • Before buying the seat lid thoroughly inspect lid’s surface. It should be even without cracks and irregularities.


Choose the colour of the toilet seat lid to match the bathroom style

  • Pay attention to additional functions. It would be great if the seat lid is covered with antimicrobial composition securing hygiene. If you are irritated with the noise from shutting the lid, buy the seat lid with microlift. If the temperature in your toilet is low, buy the heating seat.
  • You need to have right seat lid dimensions not to make a mistake in your choice. Before buying the seat lid, draw outline of the seat with all the holes in it.

Attention! Size of the seat lid should be minimum 0,5 cm bigger than seat size.

  • Shape of the seat lid should correspond to the toilet bowl. However, you are not restricted in choosing colour and print keeping in mind the room design.

Hint! Designers recommend three colours or less in the room. So if you have a multi-coloured interior it is better to buy either white or black toilet seat lid.

  • When buying, check the presence of all the parts in the kit. Standard kit should contain seat lid, seat and fastening.

Toilet seat lid should be safe, comfortable, durable and match the entire interior design. So before you are going to buy it consult the shop assistant on the functions of the model you like, what material it is manufactured from and show the shop assistant drawing of your toilet bowl for right dimensions.

Kinds of seat lids: pictures

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