Unfortunately, not everyone has a big spacious apartment with large bathroom and that is why such owners have to take each centimetre of dwelling space into account. In cases like these, wall-mount vanity unit under the washbasin will save some space, which you can use for something else. On the other hand, such furniture is quite efficient so you can use it even in large bathrooms. We are going to talk about such bathroom accessories in this article and get to know how it is.


Wall-mount vanity unit with washbasin

Wall-mount vanity units



Mount vanity with washbasin.

  • Washbasins with stand, vessel washbasins (with vanity) and wall-mount washbasins – the ones we shall talk about in this article.
  • Each of the listed above models may have various shapes: they may be square, rectangular, round, oval, asymmetric, triangular (for corner installations) and countertop inset ones. Nearly any of them have rounded edges to meet ergonomic demands helping to keep it clean (rounded edge is easy to wash).
  • Rectangular and rounded shapes are most popular as such a shape allows use of the washbasin with maximum efficiency: it takes up little space and it is easy to reach. Besides, such a shape allows you to wash your face without splashing water everywhere.


Wall-mount countertop washbasin for bathroom

  • Such washbasins (wall-mount countertop washbasins) are usually designed for VIP sanitary ware (with corresponding price, of course). There are also somewhat elongated variants of such sanitary ware..

Note: width of such washbasins should be defined by the designed capability of the bathroom not by the client’s wish.

If you squeeze wide vanity unit between other sanitary ware it will lose its extravagance.


Glass wall-mount washbasin

  • Such a sanitary ware may be manufactured from different materials, such as WC ceramic, glass (see the picture above), acryl, marble, artificial stone (granite), cast-iron and steel. Out of this list the most usable material is delftware as it is suitable for any interior and can be of different colours, besides, such washbasins are sometimes covered with special porcelain enamel, which essentially prolongs their term of use.

Note: glass, ceramic and marble products lack in impact-resistance characteristic of metal products, however, such a washbasin will not break even if you drop it from installation height (80cm) onto the hard floor. The only thing that will happen is damage of porcelain enamel (cracking) and the floor tile might break. However, this material is easily damaged by localised impacts that is why you should be very careful during installation process.