Choosing ingenious mirror for the bathroom

All the house owners agree that at least one mirror in the bathroom is a must. Leaving alone practicality of the issue, even the most modestly furnished bathroom or toilet will be brightened by an unusually shaped mirror or an ingenious frame for it. Among other things, mirrors can visually broaden space, which is actual for the majority of bathrooms in city apartments.

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For this publication we gathered massive collection of design projects of bathrooms with various models of mirrors in unusual frames or originally furnished. We hope that these concrete examples will help you with ideas and inspire you for redecoration of the bathroom or at least will help to refresh the interior

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Lighted mirror

Without doubt that bathroom should be brightly lit. If in your bathroom there are not only central or in-built lamps but lighted mirror as well, you will be able, apart from brushing your teeth, do a make-up, do your hair and carry out some other procedures. Several levels of lighting will provide you with more choice in using bathroom, for instance, you may leave only light around the mirror while taking a bath for romantic or relaxing atmosphere.

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Nowadays one of the popular choices on the market is a mirror with illuminated frame. Such models have the most advantageous look against the dark or bright, vibrant decoration.


Two lighted mirrors above the washbasin have created incredible symmetry in the bathroom adding chastity of style and order to the interior.

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When lighting is fixed behind the face of mirror it creates the feeling of mirror gliding in the air. Such a simple technological solution will bring variety to the bathroom interior and make it more modern.

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Doors, walls and more

Quite often in modern bathrooms apart from main mirror on the wall above the washbasin one might find mirror doors, cabinet doors and even walls reveted with mirror tiles or decorated panels made of glassy elements.

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Your bathroom will look more spacious if you decorate doors with mirror elements in addition to the mirror above the washbasin. It will make bathroom seem endless.

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Mirror walls can ultimately blur the frames of the room creating an illusion of huge space with no beginning and no end. Without doubt you remember that mirrors double everything from small droplets of water to fingerprints. That is why mirrored surface should be taken of good care – thorough and often.


In this gorgeous bathroom with Baroque and Rococo elements apart from main mirror above dressing table there were used several mirror elements gathered in fancy ornament to decorate one of the walls and a door. As a result this spacious room royally decorated began to look even more majestic.

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Original and fresh idea of a wall decoration is a panel made of glassy tiles. Pieces of glass can be placed diagonally or in traditional way. Rectangular mirror tiles can be reveted either vertically or horizontally or to look like a brickwork.

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Mirror doors of wall drawers is a great way to save space and such drawers give a good possibility to broaden ways of storing personal things for body care and hygienic procedures.


For those bathrooms, which are decorated in very dark colours, mirror wall is rather a necessity than luxury. It will visually broaden bathroom space and relieve psychological stress of a small space.


Unusual mirror locations in this bathroom is conditioned by the fact that they are part of the window. Bathrooms are so rarely furnished with any windows, let alone big ones, that there is no sense in giving up opportunity for natural lighting and set washbasins with mirrors. In cases as these such designs might be a lucky solution for this construction peculiarity.


By decorating part of the wall around perimeter of the room you may expand its boundaries, fill the room with freedom and lightness.

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Unusual mirror frames

Ingenious mirror frame can dramatically change interior of your bathroom, especially if decoration of the room is neutral and fair. Such a decorative element as frame helps to personalize room design, show stylistic trend and contribute to colour range.


Country style in this bathroom is expressed in things to do with horses used for decoration purposes. Original stylish mirror frame makes the interior unforgettable and exclusive.


Gorgeous classic style bathroom is decorated with three mirrors. Key element in this unordinary assembly is a mirror in antique wooden frame with carved ornament. Slight patina in this unusual frame decoration was repeated in decoration of art works on the wall as well.


Country style served as a starting point in creating interior of this bathroom whereas decoration of space between two washbasins and a mirror above them became a kind of coordination centre. Combination of stone and wood as well as dark elements of decoration and décor created unconventional image of the room.


Against snow-white decoration of the bathroom ingenious print of mirror frames looks stunningly – appealing and contrasting the background. Apart from other things, frame ornament serves as a kind of bridge between pale finishing of surfaces and dark hue of furniture.


Black carved frame for the mirror looks incredibly beautiful against bright crimson wall. Contrasting interior of this white-crimson-black bathroom is fascinating, etching in memory for a long time.


This is example of a carved white frame against brightly coloured wall decorated with pearly mosaic tile. Such a picturesque bathroom decoration demanded just as memorable mirror frame.


Baroque carved mirror frame, artificially aged with the help of patina, looks extremely well against snow-white decoration of a bathroom in classic style.


Ginger tint of a wooden mirror frame excellently fitted brightly coloured brickwork in the bathroom decorated on loft style.


This big oval mirror is decorated with a picture composed from mosaic tiles instead of a frame. Ingenious creative approach to decoration of space around mirror made the interior absolutely unique.

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Such models of mirrors have no frame but this decorative element imitate frame setting its borders. Thus, you can decorate practically any interior of a bathroom (especially in classical style) with such practical and elegant décor items.


Ingenious twins

In modern design projects of bathrooms two washbasins win more and more popularity. If space allows it is worth spending a little more money for setting two washbasins so that later you can enjoy advantages and save time in the morning when the whole family is getting ready to begin the day. In those bathrooms with two washbasins it would be reasonable to have two mirrors above each of them.


In classic style bathroom with patchy wallpapers and massive furniture two light mirrors unusually shaped serve as a decoration in addition to being a practical piece of interior.


Such a variant of decoration is more suitable for quite strict and laconic design of bathroom. Material used for mirror frames was repeated in wall drawers under washbasins and in decoration of window area.


Two ingenious windows give zest to this bathroom interior in marine style. White-navy blue palette, mosaic finishing of covering, tow line décor – all of them create unconventional image.


Unusual chandelier with multiple colourful elements and these two luxurious mirrors not only brought variety into the whiteness of the bathroom but made it brighter, more interesting and appealing.

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Multisided mirrors became the original designer trend of the recent years. Not very pompous design allows using them for traditional bathroom interiors, which still need some contrast and variety.


Snow-white frames decorated with luxuriant plasterwork will naturally fit in classic style bathroom, in Baroque and Rococo interiors. Alongside luxurious wallpapers with embossed effect, glass chandelier and traditional furniture they look gorgeous.


Ordinary mirrors become the centre of attention due to two-level lighting system: lights behind the mirror surface and console luminaires.


Twin mirrors decorated by the seashells became the key element of décor in the bathroom with traditional furniture and contract decoration.

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Mirror arrangement

We offer you some interesting designer ideas in arranging space of bathroom with the help of mirrors. Unconventional approach to using such a mundane interior item as mirror will help you not only personalise room image but make it unique and unforgettable.


With several round and differently sized mirrors placed on brightly coloured wall decorated with mosaic tile the bathroom interior acquired brightness and accent surface was effectively and ingenuously decorated.


Floor mirrors

If there is enough space in your bathroom and you want to add a Bohemian accent, a bit of luxury and freedom to design try to set a massive floor mirror. Apart from seeing yourself full length, you will change bathroom interior bringing in the unique character.


Roomy and full of light bathroom with the elements of French Province style in the interior seems to be created for this luxurious big mirror in antique carved frame.


Big floor mirror with matted border excellently fit in the luxurious interior of the bathroom with marble decoration. However, if there are small children in the house it is best to fix the mirror on the wall.

Suspended double-sided mirror – zest of interior

Do you want an effect of unexpectedness, novelty and ingenuity in your bathroom design? Try integrating suspended mirror into interior, which can act as a focus of attention apart from its main functions.


Two-sided suspended construction serves as mirror for two washbasins located back-to-back to each other. This is an unorthodox method of space organisation in small places where there is no room for setting two washbasins next each other or in parallel.


The same solution of mirror location for two washbasins in the bathroom with the combination of Country style elements and classic style.