Combination of bathtub and shower in one piece bringing two functional elements together us an excellent solution for any bathroom. To make time spent in the bathroom maximum comfortable bathroom suite is to be chosen rightly.


  • Choosing a bathroom suite: where to begin
  • Shower hose
  • Showerhead: types and fixation methods
  • Bath mixer tap and a shower
  • Matching shower set with interior design
  • Video: Shower set with temperature regulator

Technology development turned bathroom shower into multifunctional and quite complicated device bringing us not only comfort but aesthetic joy. Shower sets are not limited by showerhead and hose, now the set consists of mixer taps, shower bar, overhead shower, usual handle shower with hose and even more.

More expensive models may be equipped with temperature regulator, hydromassage system, soap dispensers, shelves and other useful appliances and accessories.


Shower panels

It is not surprising that customers find it difficult to choose a suitable model out of all this variety. To acquire truly functional, comfortable and reliable shower set we need to look into the issue, use advice and take into account important details.

Choosing a bathroom suite: where to begin

Before you set off to buy sanitary engineering for your bathroom define a number of criteria your new items should meet which will help you navigate through wide assortment of goods, find the right group and then choose the model you need.

  • Method of installation of shower set. The majority of sets have external or open fixation method but there are also models for internal or hidden installation as well as models for on-floor installation. So it is wise to think on the installation method of the shower set before you start renovating your bathroom.


Shower set for external and hidden installation

  • Parts of the set. You need to understand what elements you want in your set and choose the ones that are more convenient. For instance, shower bar is much more practical than wall fixing is.
  • Attractive look and design matching are also quite important issues.
  • Define an appropriate size. This aspect is especially important if you are going to install shower set with the overhead showerhead on a stand instead of a bar, as the tallest member of the family has to stand under it comfortably.
  • Cost of the set much depends not only on material of manufacture and parts the set consists of, but on the other hand, well-known brand serves as a quality guarantee as well.

Shower hose

A shower hose connects mixer tap with the showerhead, its ends are equipped with two conical nuts with standard thread of 1/2 or 3/8 inches. Optimum length of the hose for comfortable use is 2 metres but manufacturers offer other typical sizes of 1,25; 1,5; 1,6 metres. While choosing the hose, pay attention to material it is produced from and quality of all the couplings.

Shower hose usually consists of two parts: a rubber or plastic tube and a wrap providing it with rigidity and protecting it from bends, cracks and other damage. Classic and the most widespread variant is the inner hose encased in metal spring-like case. The main drawback of metal wrapping is that with time it may unwind and its sharp edges damage the inner tube, especially if it is rubber. In some models seams of metal wrap are filled with silicone because the polymer layer makes the hose flexible, springy and prevents unwrapping, which makes this variant the most preferable one.


Plastic hose, metal and reinforced silicone hose

Shower hose may also be manufactured from one-piece plastic or it may be rubber one with plastic wrap. Striving to bring variety to the product line manufacturers offer different variants of new models. Wrap can be smooth, spiral or braided and the hose itself can be transparent or coloured. However, you have to keep in mind that transparent plastic grows yellow with time and loses its attractive exterior and light wrap will be spoiled by salting and rust, which anyway will appear because of mains water.

Hint! Shower hose of good quality should have protection from twisting. To provide that its terminal fitting is equipped with special bearing parts, which let the element rotate about itself preventing twists and decreasing possibility of wrap’s unwrapping.

Showerhead and fixation method

Shower attachment or the showerhead is the main element of the shower set. In the set there may be hand shower hose with showerhead or fixed showerhead on a stand but combination of each of those is also possible in one set.

Hand showerhead exists in different sized but it is wise to choose the one that would be comfortable for every member of the family. Choice of the overhead shower depends only on your own preference. Showerhead, depending on its construction, may give water jets in one or several configurations.


  • Ordinary mode offers straight water flow, its force is regulated only by water pressure.
  • Aeration mode is characterised by soft water flow saturated with air.
  • Massaging effect is provided with the help of spiral-like flow of different intensity.
  • Dynamic mode is characterized by enforced water flow.
  • Rain shower effect is the prerogative of the overhead shower.

Contemporary holders rarely look like a loop on which the showerhead is fixed. Nowadays it is a bar and a hank pin, as a rule, due to which showerhead is not only fixed at a certain position but it can be moved up and down to the needed height and bent at right angle. The shower bar may be of different height and is wall mounted.

Shower bar is manufactured from either metal or plastic and it should meet high demands just like in case with mixer tap and showerhead. If in the shower set there are standard and hand shower the bar might not be included in the set and shank pin is fastened to the shower stand.

Bath mixer tap and a shower

Shower set for the bathtub differs from the shower cabin set primarily by the fact that mixer tap has a tap and bath-to-shower switch. Types of mixer taps are standard ones.


Single lever shower set for the bath

  • Single lever mixer taps are very comfortable and allow exact regulation of water temperature. Regulation is easy enough. The construction may be equipped with ceramic or ball mechanism and if your water mains have no filters, the latter variant is more preferable.
  • Double handle mixer taps may be equipped with two mechanisms. Classic construction with faucet stem in the majority of cases is attractive only because of its relatively low price. Such a mixer tap is very sensitive to drops inn water mains pressure but even without such problems it is troublesome to regulate water temperature. Mixer taps with cartridge mechanism are more comfortable but still are inferior to single lever mixer taps.
  • Thermostatic mixers are the modern and reliable systems with only one drawback – they are expensive. Their construction completely relieves the customer from water regulating necessity and “catching’ the right temperature as it is set only once and then it is retained regardless of water pressure n the mains.


Shower sets: double handled and thermostatic mixer taps

Spout of the mixer tap may be either swivel or fixed, its length may also vary. Before choosing some model, it is important to find a location and installation method in advance keeping in mind bathroom size and interior design. Bath mixer tap complete with shower should not have too long non-swivelling spout since its length may stand in the way while taking a shower.

Mode switches “bath-to-shower” may be of several types. You must remember the simpler the mechanism the less often it breaks.

  • Valve switch (with eccentric mechanism) is quite the comfortable and reliable variant. Turning handle may be either metal or plastic one, the first is more preferable.
  • Push-pull button switches are mainly used in cartridge mixer taps. In ordinary mode water flows though spout but if the button is pulled, the flow switches to showerhead; when the water is turned off, the switch returns to its initial position – to the spout. You have to take into account that at small water pressure the switch might drop on its own and water would still drip through the spout even if the switch is on shower mode. So before buying such a mixer tap evaluate water pressure in the mains.


Valve and button switches

  • Push button switch is rare on contemporary sanitary ware. In standard mode water flows through he spout and to turn the flow to the showerhead you need to push a vertically located button. Reverse mode switch is done via pulling this button onto yourself.
  • Ball switch in its construction and principles of work reminds ball valve but for switching “bath-to-shower” mode brass ball with broken (not trough) hole. The system itself is highly reliable and comfortable in use.
  • Ceramic switch is a one-piece mechanism, reliable with long service life and simple in repairs.


Hint! While choosing mixer taps and parts of the set, better choose the brass ones. Sanitary ware manufactured from silumin is not recommended by the experts.

Matching shower set with interior design

Shower set is chosen according to not only personal preferences but its harmonious matching single interior ensemble. If geometric clean lines prevail in your bathroom, sanitary ware should match them with their own strict lines. If the bathroom is in ethnic style bronze suite would look really strikingly whereas gold shower hose may just as well spoil the design. For modern styles with their minimalism hidden installation of shower set would become an ideal solution: it will help to unclutter the space and retain neat design of your bathroom. At external installation of shower sets it is best to choose non-standard shapes like flat showerhead, thin hose and overhead shower of big diameter.