Whether it's small and compact as a cloakroom, or vast and ornate as a wetroom, our bathrooms are very often the retreat of the family home. A haven in which to unwind after a long hard day. A place for children to explore the depths of the oceans scurrying under or through layers of frothy foam and bubbles. To prepare for date nights, or morning meetings, they make up a large part of our daily routines.

So, it is clear - that when renovating or redecorating their homes,  British people love to work on their bathrooms. But what are we looking for?

After analysing Google's search data on bathroom features, we have compiled a list of the most popular search results. 

Here are the latest findings for the first quarter of 2019.


When searching for floors, walls and tiles, searches suggest that Brits are looking more for more luxurious colour schemes. Departing from the white and lighter shades that were popular in previous years, there is now an increasing number of searches for greys and monochrome. The most popular search in this field - Grey, herringbone, patterned tiles – returns an average of 22,370 average monthly searches; while grey bathroom tiles returned:  8,100 average monthly searches. 

For windows, there were on average of 580 monthly searches for small, frosted glass windows, with blue remaining the most popular search for curtains and blinds. A search of Blue and white net bathroom curtains – provided 1,230 average monthly searches.


Much like their choices in décor: the British public's ideal sanitaryware has become increasingly darker, with muted and darker tones becoming more popular searches over the last few months.

  For the ideal toilet, Brits were searching on average 14,080 times a month for black, back to wall, close-coupled toilets. There were 18,700 seeking square, wooden and soft-closing seats. This suggests that along with style, sound-sensitive products are as important for those looking to make the best use of space.

For bathroom basins, Black, double sink with mixer taps returned an average of 12,100 monthly searches. For those seeking a bath, 35,640 people were reviewing their options for copper, freestanding, L-shaped, roll-top tubs with mixer taps in the past few months. This was a smaller number of individuals compared to 57,200 searching for electric, single shower enclosures - confirming how bathroom spaces are beginning to change including for busy, single professionals with smaller houses and apartments.

Photo courtesy of@project_twentyseven

Bathroom accessories:

Bathroom accessories show traditional options are still popular, but that chrome finishes are dominant. This may be because of the darker colour-schemes currently in play but does not discredit the desire to become more conservative and eco-friendly.

Google revealed 35,700 average monthly searches for sink cabinets. In particular, these were the ones featuring mirrors and wooden finishes.  A further 24,200 specified that their general cabinets should be tall and freestanding, in a white cutaway.

Continuing on from the grey theme, 36,900 researchers were looking for grey, extra-long shower curtains, with 8,400 of these complimenting them with wooden, non-slip, grey bathmats.

More generally toilet roll holders were departing from painted, inclusive units. An average of 11,000 searches made in the last quarter of the year for Chrome, freestanding toilet roll holders. Whereas, a further 1,440 were matching their decor with a black, ceramic toilet brush.

In addition, the British leading choice for towel rails was for 24,140 searches made for Chrome, heated double towel rails.


The research suggests that today's most desired bathrooms that offer a separate bath and shower. As homes get smaller, ensuites prove an affordable point of luxury especially in homes with smaller living spaces to call their home. For colour schemes, the darker colours and monochromes are proving popular. Despite this antique bronze, has been performing well in our store due to its beautiful weathered look. This is because in renovations and restorations especially, it gives a more polished, classic look.

Photo courtesy of @project_twentyseven 

Tomorrow we will explore how Natasha of Project Twenty Seven used some of these trends to create her own bespoke bathroom. Make your dreams a reality by browsing The House of ENKI's extensive selection of units, furnishings, fittings and fixtures. We offer a diverse range of budget-friendly solutions and custom made options for all bathrooms decor and styles.

Analysis correct as of May 2019