However surprising it might seem but lately use of black colour in such a cosy place as kitchen has become very popular.

Many people have come to associate the colour black with strictness, gloom even, and in no way suitable for the kitchen.


Kitchen in black with additional lighting

Contemporary kitchen design proved it to be absolutely wrong: black is good for the kitchen if you comply with certain rules.

Lets us talk about them.

Complexity of black colour

Black in the interior excellently combines with both bright and pastel colours and shades.


Combination of black and beige shades

Special attention should be paid to such colour shades as pinks, whites, reds, lush greens, bright-yellows and turquoise.

Please, mind! Black colour should not exceed 60% otherwise, the kitchen will turn to dark and uncomfortable closet and even the most beautiful furniture will not be able to save it.


Kitchen in black and red


It is worth remembering that black is beautifully emphasized against the bright or light background as you can see on our pictures. Black on black is a losing solution.

Kitchen in black and pink

Black kitchen with beige ornament

Pay attention to the furniture

When they talk about black kitchen, it is mostly the furniture that is meant.


Kitchen in black and beige

Front view of the furniture might be either glossy or matt, it is only up to the customer’s choice of material.

Matt fronts are produced from either laminated chipboard, natural wood or veneer.


Kitchen in black and bright green

Black glass is also great for facades.

Glossy surfaces are more striking and elegant looking since they give the interior special glow and chick, whereas matt compositions are less advantageous. However, matt pieces may look almost as good in combination with appropriate details, such as curtains, pictures on the wall and even kitchen mixer tap.


Black coloured furniture in the kitchen

Bright contrasting accents (for instance, the above-mentioned mixer tap may be of silver, golden or white colour) allow creation of harmonious overall composition of the kitchen interior.

Stylistic solution

Black colour looks harmonious in any kitchen style be it Hi-Tech, New Baroque, Classics, Gothics or other.

For example, Hi-Tech kitchen features furniture fronts made in black.


Art Deco black kitchen

Black fronts finished with silver or white patina are characteristic of baroque style.


Victorian style black kitchen

For kitchens in gothic style black in wall finish would look especially advantageous.

Classic style rarely sees the use of black shades, however if used, they look quite striking.


Baroque dining room

Important details

While decorating the interior pay special attention to the choice of curtains.

Since black colour should not prevail in the kitchen, curtains are to be chosen in different colour.

White, grey, red or other contrasting colours will splendidly complete the interior.


Curtains in black kitchen

Tissue of curtains should resist fading on the sun as well as impact of aggressive environment, i.e. be easily washable and not absorb grease.


Variant of curtains in black kitchen

Please, mind! The heavier use of black colour in the interior is, the lighter shade of curtains is needed!

Crystal chandeliers, shiny inset elements as well as silver or gold furniture accessories like handles, luminaires etc. will excellently look on the black background of the kitchen


Hi-tech black and white kitchen

Wall décor in black kitchen

Nowadays you can find on the market of building supplies beautiful black wallpapers, which will be extremely good for kitchen wall decoration.

Special attention should be paid to black wallpapers with variations of pattern: surface, floral, contrast pattern or the pattern in the same shade.


Black wallpapers in the kitchen

Such a pattern, for instance, may combine black matt colour with its glossy shade.

Choose black-and-white wallpapers very carefully, as with the wrong combination they may add some note of depression to the interior.

Please, mind! Black colour should be present in either the wallpapers or the furniture!

We wrap up the article with designer advice.


Kitchen backsplash in black colour

7 hints on correct decoration of the kitchen interior in blacks

  • Kitchen interior should not be in plain black. You must use an additional colour.
  • The brighter this additional colour, the more elegant the design. But be careful, as some colours, for instance, bright yellow in combination with the black may negatively affect psychics, so you will need to lessen the effect by adding some other shades into such a combination.
  • Pay special attention to kitchen lighting. Do not limit yourself with overhead light only, use built-in furniture luminaires as well. They will make your kitchen work easier and the interior brighter! Please, mind that the black interior is not good for kitchen with small windows, as it should be very well lit.
  • It is highly important to choose colour of the table rightly – it should match the colour of the upper part of the kitchen. For instance, of the lower closets are black and the upper ones are white then your table should also be in white colour. If all the furniture is in black, a black table will ruin the design, so better make it the same colour as the ceiling - white. Another solution is to choose countertop a la marble in white colour with black dots.
  • If you have chosen black furniture for your kitchen, decorate the walls in light shades.
  • If black is dominating in your kitchen interior, add two more colours. Observe the approximate proportions of 60:30:10. It means the third colour should be present in small amount: black furniture, white walls, floor and ceiling, red curtains and tablecloth. This will bring liveliness to the interior and you will never get tired of it.
  • Choose thoroughly the colour of household appliances, as it should correspond to the overall interior design concept: either it is all in white, black or metallic. You cannot use differently coloured appliances in chick black kitchen interior!
  • Backsplash for the black kitchen if of the primary importance. It is better if you make it in other than black colour. Let it be contrastive white or other suitable bright colour. You can use skinali panel, which is the panel from tampered glass with photoprint or glossy mosaics.

Please, mind! Black kitchen demands especially thorough cleaning, as all the dust and runs are clearly seen on the black surface.