Making your home better and the envy of others, is not something everyone can do instinctively but what should be done to the interior can turn out to be successful in all respects. We have gathered together a few good examples of how best to redecorate bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, and now you will be able to draw on our experience in your own accommodation, or even to try to improve these results.

Before and after: creating style and comfort

  • Example 1

Before refurbishment, this cozy living room looked pretty good but seemed cold because of the dark blue walls. Despite the fact that the doors, skirting boards and window frames were painted white and thus lightened the room, the owners decided to radically change the overall style of the interior.


Looking at the redecorated interior, it is difficult to imagine that until the restyling the lounge looked so different, so the changes are successful. The colour of the walls was selected to be beige and grey, but instead of a carpet on the floor, beautiful wood  with gold accents was introduced. So, the living room became warm, bright, but at the same time, consistent and elegant.

  • Example 2

The owners of the house in which this combination bathroom was installed needed to carry out certain changes, namely, to lighten the colour scheme of the room. Prior to this, the wood panelling on the walls in the bathroom was painted in an intense blue-green colour in combination with beige in the sections below the ceiling.


As a result of the redecoration, the colour scheme of the bathroom was completely transformed, despite the fact that none of the plumbing fixtures and fitting were changed. Through a combination of pure white and milk tones, the  space visually looks brighter, cleaner, and new.


  • Example 3

Here is a simple example of how you can change the look of an ordinary piece of furniture, for example, a linen closet. The same principle can be modified for cabinets, chests of drawers or the doors of other storage cupboards.


The panelled doors of the cabinet were carefully replaced with flat surfaces without any relief, and it immediately made the furnitureseem  more modern and universal.

Definitely a good idea for partial refurbishment of a loggia space, nursery or dressing room.


  • Example 4

The kitchen in the photo below had long lost attractive appearance, and the cabinets were no longer contemporary and were not practical. Therefore, the best solution was to completely replace the old items and cabinet doors.


The optical pattern of the floor tiles and brickwork on the walls did their job - the kitchen came to life and gained stylish features. Cabinet doors were installed with a pale grey-green hue with copper fittings, as well as the location of household appliances being changed.


  • Example 5

This traditional kitchen with wooden cabinet doors and fittings oozed comfort, but has long ceased to be contemporary. This fact resulted in the decision to change not only the style but also the colour scheme of the room. The outcome of the work done is graphically presented below, and you can judge for yourself all the benefits of an updated kitchen,


White combined with natural wood and brass elements is always going to be a win-win situation; solid and elegant. The kitchen has become very bright, spacious and modern, that can not fail to please its owners.

The multicoloured carpet on the floor added ethnic cozy charm to the bright clean interior, devoid of unnecessary details

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  • Example 6

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a house or apartment, and is constantly exposed to all manner of demands on its durability, practicality and visual relevance. So, this kitchen in a cherry colour in general looks good, but its facade is too dark, and results in a cold spot standing out from the background of the light  walls around the facades.


Quite the opposite, a positive impression of redecoration  represented by high cabinets in combination with marble facades and wooden beams on the ceiling. Together, these elements form a single composition, highly aesthetic, but devoid of pathos.