With convenience, dominating our lives more than ever, there has been an increased demand for creating tech-accessible homes. One only needs to look at the growth of mobile phones and wireless voice-activated assistants, to recognise the difference. Especially when considering today and only a decade previously.

Analysis suggests that this is set to extend into the bathroom market. But what are the desires and needs of a tech-driven bathroom? - And is there a cheaper, more accessible alternative to some of the proposed "solutions"


A pole, devised by ShowersToYou in April 2019,  quizzed 1,424 British consumers about their needs.

It discovered that a staggering 83% of British homeowners desire a self-cleaning toilet. Whilst just over half (55%)  interested in a self-deodoriser function and a third  (31%) wanting a heated seat.

Other key essentials deemed important for the future British bathroom were:-

A digital control panel,  to precisely organise the temperature, spray and timings of the shower - 69%. Brits were also interested in water conservation technology, with a request made by 41% of the votes. Whereas wall-mounted touch controls were essential to only 34%.

Bath users had differing priorities. A high percentage requested mood lighting around their tub (66%).  Whereas 63% yearned for a scented-mist dispenser. A smaller (43%) approved the idea of a heated backrest.  This number was much more comparable to those seeking mood-lighting (55%) and sound (45%) retrospectively in the shower.

Further trends and emerging bathroom technology requests included

Sanitising bathroom accessories – 59%:

UV light would be used to disinfect items like damp towels. Thus, keeping bathrooms free from spreading unwanted mould, mildew and bacterias.

Warming drawers – 52%:

Replacing a heated towel rail with a built-in draw in which to keep towels, slippers and bathrobes cosy as long as needed.

Wi-Fi driven Fitbit scales - 48%:

Allowing body weight, lean mass, body fat and other features pivotal to the user's BMI to be tracked and synced with their Fitbit accounts.

Virtual reality showers – 45%:

This feature proposes an alternative to static bathroom walls, projecting scenes such as the beach, jungles or countryside during their wash, allowing people to relax and unwind from the comfort of their bathrooms.

Cooling Cabinets - 28%:

In contrast to the heated drawers, just over a quarter of the interviewees were interested in a refrigerated bathroom cabinet, allowing them to better store their medicines without the need to venture into the kitchen.


What can we learn from this?

From this research, e can easily determine that whilst technology is growing, the needs and functions of the bathroom at its core remain the same. Britons are seeking out ways to improve the luxury and relaxation qualities of their bathrooms, whilst keeping cleanliness and freshness high.

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