We suggest considering possible options for the placement of washing machines in the bathrooms of various sizes, and you, in turn, may choose the most suitable way.

Replace the bath with a shower enclosure

This will allow installing a washing machine into the standard small-sized bathroom easily. And if you choose a high quality shower enclosure with several additional functions (hydromassage, music, ergonomic seat, etc.), then it would be a extra pleasurable to perform hygienic procedures and you won't even notice the absence of the bath.

In this way, the area above the washing machine becomes cleared, so it is also important not to become puzzled, but to hang some lockers, shelves for accessories, or a towel on the wall.

If you already thinking about the best way of installing the machine into the small bathroom, pay attention to the narrow models that will help you to save space for sure. But be careful, as the narrowest machines are less stable, and therefore, they produce more noise and "move" during the washing and wringing. Hence, it is recommended to choose the machine with an average capacity of 5-6 kg of laundry: this machine is quite compact and it is better in all respects.

Place the machine under the washbasin

If quitting the habit of taking a relaxing bath is beyond your power, but still, you need to somehow arrange the washing machine in a small bathroom, consider its placing directly under the washbasin. Surely, it will require the presence of the sanitary ware of a certain shape, and the competent installation of a plumbing trap vertically behind the machine wall, but as a result you will get a convenient and multifunctional room.

Bathroom accessories can be placed on the neat shelves in the end face of the bath, on the angled holders, or behind the bath panels in the special containers.

Place the machine in a niche under the tabletop of the washbasin

That is a good option in the slightly larger bathrooms, where the area around the washbasin can be somehow turned to advantage and complemented. Especially since nothing will prevent the easy access to the rest of the bathroom objects in this way, such as bath, toilet bowl, built-in locker.

When installing the machine near the washbasin, you can do the following:

  • Attach a nice curtain under the tabletop, decoratively covering the drawers and the washing machine itself.
  • Order the furniture of the same shape and size with the place ideally designed for your machine. Such a "niche" can be closed with the hatches or remain opened.

Hide the machine in a closet with a water heater or shelves

Initially designed storerooms or the narrow tall closets, behind the doors of which various detergents, towels, supplies of toilet paper are stored, can often be found in the spacious bathrooms. There might also be some pieces of equipment which, by the definition of the customer, is quite unattractive and unnecessary for demonstration, such as the water heater or the washing machine, raised to the rank of common things.

Place the machine loosely: in the corner or near the wall

The owners of medium and large rooms can afford to place the washing machine loosely, without linking it to the other objects of the bathroom. Select the area in which the equipment will be placed in the most ergonomic way, and not to hinder the free movement. Hang a nice picture, mosaic panels, functional or decorative shelf, and stylish towel warmers on the wall to increase the diversity and to make the space above the machine more useful.