211The most common materials which mixer taps can be made of are, brass and stainless steel. Moreover, there are some mixer taps made of one material with plating of another one. For instance, there is a brass mixer tap with nickel plating. The best material for mixer taps is brass
Plating of the low-grade mixer taps wears off quite fast, hence, such mixer taps turn gradually into the extremely unpleasant items. It should be noted that it is far more difficult to service a chrome surface rather than a mat one — even the smallest water stains can be spotted there and scum begins to appear more. The mat surface is low-maintenance, but it might seem less aesthetic to many of us.

Installing a mixer tap

222It is very important to pay attention to the compatibility of a mixer tap with the water pipes. Many manufacturers recommend using these or those connectors for their own models.
By the way, the mixer tap’s lifespan depends not only on the compliance with the installation rules, operation, material, structure, but also on the filters.