At least two bathrooms, one of which may be adjacent to children's room, are provided in large country houses rather often, as well as in the urban apartments. It means that children receive a separate bathroom at their disposal, while their parents have to think about the equipment of this room, namely whether it is of serious hazard to their kids.

The following discussion focuses on the things to which you should pay attention first and foremost, when furnishing the bathroom for your children.

Safety and comfort first of all


  • Matted floor

We have repeatedly written about the appropriateness of using the material with a rough, non-skid surface for the bathroom flooring in our articles. Most children do not tend to move as calm and steadily as the adults, therefore they can play catch-up and long jumps in any room, including the bathroom, despite the parental prohibitions. Suitable flooring will help you to reduce the risk of serious injury in children's bathroom. If it is tile flooring, make sure you've chosen matted or lappato one that remains non-skid even when it is wet; you should also choose laminate or wood flooring thoroughly, as the rough texture and high quality is of the biggest importance in this case.

  • Light structures

Do not use heavy furniture, collapsible stuff, flimsy shelves or tall cabinets for the bathroom accessories in the bathroom, where a preschooler plays the master. It is necessary to abandon the use of any objects that might be potentially dangerous for the small child. For example, it is better to use the lightweight forged structure with two shelves instead of the wall-mounted cabinet. It must be low enough to ensure that the children will not make a long arm for something, thus grasping at its shelves.

Place the main items of furniture in the bottom of the bathroom, thus leaving the walls free of the stuff. Make sure that the cupboards and cabinets under the washbasin are stable, and it is difficult to turn them over even for an adult (for this purpose it is better to choose a model with the massive base and abstain from buying the legged ones).

  • Suitable bathroom fixtures

The bathroom that is furnished exclusively for the child should be equipped with the fixtures of the certain dimensions. Thus, it is better to install a bath that is not too deep (it may be a hipbath), and it is obligatory to lay the silicone mat on the bottom of it, so it might prevent the case of slipping during every bathing of the child.

The height of the washbasin can be standard, because children grow quickly, but it is better not to choose a big one. As for the toilet bowl, it is not difficult to find a compact children's one in any plumbing shop, whose seat height does not exceed 35 cm.

  • Warm bathmat

If the bathroom is not equipped with the underfloor heating system, then it certainly needs the soft rubber bathmats near the bath and washbasin. It will protect the child from hypothermia of the feet and make its stay in the bathroom more comfortable.

  • The absence of sockets

There should be no sockets and switches in the children's bathroom, and this rule must become an indefeasible one to you. If the socket has been provided in advance, it should be removed, the wiring should be hidden and the dangerous zone should be plastered. We recommend to place all the switches of the upper and the working light outside by the front door of the bathroom at a height of about 1 meter above the floor. In this way, it will be easier for the child to turn the light on and off on his own.

  • Footstall

You will act prudently when installing the washbasin at standard height, but it will be uncomfortable for the child to carry out hygienic procedures in the working area without an accommodation bench until it has reached a certain age and height.

Instead of the mobile footstall in the form of a squat stool, you can use the wheeled one that will be built in the construction of the cabinet under the washbasin and might be used if needed.

You should not use the ordinary stool near the washbasin, as it may turn over at any time, and the child will fall. In this case, the low (20-25 cm) stool with the legs wide apart is suitable

  • Isolated luminaires

If the bathroom has no significant size, then the simple light sources should be mounted there, for example, built-in spots or ceiling "tablets" with a closed lamp shades.

It will be better to place the washbasin area luminaires at the sufficient height, and to use tightly closed lamp shades with the reliable fasteners.

Do not use flimsy sconces, uninsulated wiring or the open lamp shades near the plumbing fixtures in a humid room

The room, created with the tremulous tendance of children, will not make you doubt its safety level. Be careful, and use any possibility of improving the conditions in the room, given to the child. Have successful home improvements!