Amazing trends in 2015 bathroom design

End of the year - this is the time to look back and analyze the current trends, but it is even more important to predict what will happen next year. We’re now going to take a look at the amazing trends in bathroom design in 2015.


Bathroom interior from Webb & Brown-Neaves


Stunning bathroom from Arch-Interiors Design Group

The grey colour scheme still remains popular, freestanding baths, large shower cabins and resource-saving technologies. But there are four crucial areas where the next generation of bathroom interior will focus.

Bathrooms in Asian style


Bathroom in Asian style


Bathroom in Asian style

Life is becoming increasingly complex, increasingly crazy, and people are starting to look for a place to help them recover, rest and to have their energy restored. That's why home spa baths are becoming popular, since they almost perfectly cope with the job demanded of them.

And that’s why it’s necessary to pay close attention to interiors in the Asian style. Decorated under the influence of Chinese and Japanese traditional elements, they can easily recreate the unique atmosphere of a spa

Naturalness and dependability


Bathroom interior from Jack ‘N Tool Box


Classic interior from Leicht Küchen AG

When looking at bathrooms with a calm, natural atmosphere we must not ignore the ecological trends expected in bathroom design in 2015. Natural materials such as wood and bamboo give warmth. As before, bathroom interiors will give preference to white, grey and other neutral colors. An amazing can be created by living wall. A simpler option is that of living houseplants that can completely transform the atmosphere.

A vertical garden in a bathroom


Harmony from contrasting textures


Interior in wood from Mark Brand Architecture

If vertical gardens that require a lot of effort and care appear to be overkill, you can simply give your bathroom a garden view. Those whose house is surrounded by lush greenery are incredibly lucky, if you can looks directly at it from a window. No matter what style you select for the interior, plants and greenery organically fit into all of them.

LED lighting


Original lighting for the bathroom


LED lighting in a bathroom

Lighting plays an important role in any interior, creating the final look and feel of the room. It is characteristic of much lighting in bathrooms that the bulk of the fittings are built into the wall, so it becomes difficult to change them without serious renovation. Consequently, fashion trends are not the most important criterion for choosing light fittings for the bathroom. LED lamps have of course their benefits and both in general and as highlight lighting. And their relevance is significant as they can easily fit into any style. They are safe, easy to combine with other types lighting, and even economical.

Heated floors


Bathroom with a heated floor


Hot colours in an interior

Winters can be different, and in recent years they can gladden you with a  sudden cold snap. And when you consider that cold winter days can stretch longer and longer, then of course, you need to take care of the heating. To do this it is best to install underfloor heating, which has simply become ‘must-have’ for modern bathrooms. Now you do not have to run barefoot on a cold tile floor after a hot bath.