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Washbasin traps – what you need to know for choosing the right trap:

  • Pay attention to design and quality of the trap.
  • It is important to know method of installation of the trap, whether it is installation in closed space, partly visible or open space.
  • You also need to enquire from the shop assistant about material the trap is manufactured from.
  • To choose rightly you need to know that there can be pipe traps and bottle traps that are usually produced from either plastic or brass.
  • According to their design, traps are made in standard white, chrome-plated brass or plastic; there are also designer traps on the market.

You may ask our experts for detailed information by sending us a request on the e-mail.

 As experience shows, pipe traps (or the so-called U-bend) are less apt to clogging than bottle ones. We recommend buying brass traps. The constructions offered on the market are very precise. Washbasin trap, as a rule, is of optimal discharge characteristics as well as beautiful design with either clean lines or chic look. Continuous water flow drains through special element with self-cleaning function in case some particles get into the flow. Designer look and material of the trap allow combination of it with washbasin of any shape.