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Peculiarities of a cascade faucet

The main difference of the cascade faucet is the structure of its spout, which is more broad and flat than the conventional one. By reason of this engineering feature, the water flow takes an unusual shape resembling a small waterfall.
Wider hoses are used to provide such a faucet with enough water, so it ensures high throughput. Nevertheless, the cascade spout is deprived of aerator which mixes air with the water.
An incredibly exclusive design tends to be one of the pros of having such a device in the bathroom. Even the simplest model of the cascade faucet looks more original than the conventional devices.
In addition, wide and powerful jet of water formed by such a spout, brings a fundamentally new experience into the water treatments. At the same time, you can place such faucet even on the top of a bathtub, so that the water could gush out directly on the person lying in it.
Characteristics of the water flow, released by such faucet, are also pleasing due to its ability to fill even a large tub for a few minutes. Sure thing, for the throughput of the cascade spout ranges from 25 to 55 liters of water per minute, that is a lot in comparison with the water volume, which a traditional faucet may release during the same period of time.
But the nonstandard spout considered to be the major shortcoming of cascading faucets at the same time.
Firstly, the large throughput of the spout means high consumption of water, at least 2 times exceeding the volume that the traditional faucet uses. That, of course, evidences of the serious expenditures for the maintenance of such a device.
Secondly, cascade faucets are pretty expensive. Typically, such models are represented among the luxury sanitary ware.


  • exclusive design;
  • unusual, waterfall-like water flow;
  • creates pleasant sensations during the water treatments;
  • quick watering.
  • Disadvantages:
  • high consumption of water,
  • huge price.