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A whole system of water feed and adjustment is installed in the bathroom. It includes a number of handles or lever switch for adjusting the temperature and pressure of the water, a switch from the faucet to the shower and a hand shower. This system has many joints and transitions, so you should be particularly careful in choosing a faucet for the bathroom. Experience shows that the cheaper the bathroom faucet, the more problems arise when using it. The gaskets begin to leak just six months later, a cheap mechanism does not keep the water in a majority of cases, so it begins to drip from the faucet and sometimes it even trickles. Those, who have the water meters installed, are familiar with the situation, when they've had to receive pretty impressive utility bills after such leaks. So it turns out that we are saving on something, while loosing more for a different reason. Of course, a lot of people can not afford to buy an expensive bathtub faucet, but the range of the middle-price group is available to everyone. Bathtub faucets may be found in many stores and sales outlets. When choosing this device, you should rely on your own experience, recommendations of friends and acquaintances; skimming through the reviews on the Internet might also be a good thing. You can make a successful purchase only on the basis of full information about your choice.