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Cascade faucets is the luxury of the high-class design

Cascade faucets are widely loved by the public - including the upmarket manufacturers, interior designers and buyers, highly appreciating the style and elegance of the household decisions. A tandem of cascade water flow and modern chromed faucets brings its aesthetic note to the interior. Cascade faucets are becoming an example of inimitable luxury and operation excellence by means of backing the refined style with comprehensively considered ergonomics.

Cascade faucets are characterized by mounting on a bathtub edge. At the same time not all the bathtub edge faucets provide a cascading water delivery. For that to happen, they must have a specially designed format of spout for creating a wide and flat jet of water. It creates a beautiful image of a cascade waterfall in your imagination- rushing down right in your bathroom, from an ordinary faucet. In addition, such a construction allows to collect water as fast as possible. It is not surprising that the cascade faucets for the bathroom are highly popular.

It should be mentioned when designing stylish and elegant interiors. Cascade models almost always belong to the "premium" category (luxury fbathroom aucets). Designers turn them into the real works of art. Strict geometric forms or the graceful shapes, resembling frozen water flows- cascade faucet will bear a touch of luxury and fill your bathroom with a unique aesthetics in any version.