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Important characteristics:

  • The length, width, and height of this type of the faucets should be chosen according to the size of the washbasin bowl and the availability of free space above it, it also should enable the comfortable use of the faucet during the hygienic procedures. Manufacturers strictly monitor compliance with these parameters during the production process of the faucets.
  • The shape of the spout. Faucets with the traditional form of the spout are especially popular for the washbasin. The advantages of the faucet with a classical spout are obvious- such sanitary ware is available in a wide price range, may differ by their design, size and color, rather compact and economical in terms of water consumption.
  • Mounting process. The choice of horizontal or vertical type of mounting depends on the type of the washbasin installed in the bathroom, the presence or absence of holes for the faucet in it, as well as on features of the location of water pipes in the house. You can always find the price of the faucets with different configuration on the website.
  • Coating. Frequent use of the washbasin faucet can lead to the formation of defects and corrosion on it; to avoid this, the majority of the models is subjected to chrome plating. You can buy such faucets on credit or on the hire-purchase system.
  • Control. All the types of control are available for the faucets of such type, presented for sale on the website, but it is more convenient and economical to purchase the model with a touch-sensitive, a push-button or electronic control. Such faucets can be purchased on-line at retail or by the gross.
  • Additional parameters. The product may be equipped with aerator, temperature and water consumption limiters or a foot valve for a more comfortable and practical use.