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Important characteristics:

  • Length, width and height. The choice of these parameters depends on the purpose for which the faucet will be used. For example, a short spout will be appropriate for filling a bathtub, but it is way too inconvenient for dish washing. It is better to purchase a high faucet for the kitchen sink, while a low model that will create less noise from the falling water is more suitable for the bathtub.
  • Type of control. In accordance with the needs, the user can purchase a variety of faucets - combination faucet assembly, single lever, joystick, thermostatic, pushbutton, touch-sensitive or electronic faucets. The names of combination faucet assembly and single-lever faucet are self-explanatory, as the water transmission in them is regulated by means of valves or levers, and the replacement of the cartridge in the faucet is very easy to perform. Thermostats are equipped with a device for adjusting the temperature and pressure of water; electronic ones have some touch-sensitive icons that allow you to customize a number of different options; touch-sensitive faucet activates by raising the hands to it, thanks to the integrated motion sensor; pushbutton faucet is used to save the water and pumps it by portions.
  • Mounting process. There are two types of mounting: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal method, the mounting on the edge of the sanitary ware, is used to install the majority of faucets. Vertical mounting type involves fastening to the wall - such faucets are called wall-mounted. It is also possible to conduct an open or concealed mounting.
  • Type of water feed. The water can be fed in the faucet through a flexible or rigid connector. The first type is a tube made of polymeric materials, additionally reinforced or having a metallic braid. Water feed of the second type is made of copper or brass tubes. Of course, flexible water feeds are much cheaper and easier to install than the rigid ones, though, it is less durable at the same time.
  • Coating. The coating of enamel, nickel, chromium, brass or granite is used to protect the faucet from corrosion and make it more attractive. The use of chromium or granite coating is considered to be the best option, for these materials are tend to be the most firm and durable of all the coating stuff.
  • The shape of the spout. Spouts in faucets are divided into conventional (have a tube shape) and cascade (its shape is flat and wide, thus allowing you to fill a bathtub quickly).